Capt. Picard sings "Let it Snow!"-Dec 2013
I had great time putting this video together. Definitely my best audio quality so far. Very grateful for the positive reception; it got one million views in the first three days. It's so rewarding to make something and have even just one person love it. The second half of the video is a promotion for a video game that I am currently developing called BlackWhite.
Lord of the Rings: Ke$ha - Jan 2013
This was my follow-up video to the Star Wars Call Me Maybe. Compared to my first video it had a very underwhelming performance. I have identified two big defects: (1) It's not Star Wars, and (2) it's not Call Me Maybe ... although there are other flaws as well.When making this video I really tried to improve my skills as an editor. I was able to remove almost all of the ambient noise to make the voices sound much cleaner. The video quality is also much better this time because I ripped directly from the Blu-Rays.

Star Wars Call Me Maybe - July 2012
I made this video right in the middle of  the "Call Me Maybe" Craze. I had no idea that the video would go on to get over 10 million views! It was a very rewarding experience to make something and have people like it.

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